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MID-SOUTH FAIR YOUTH TALENT CONTEST, 1955 | At the age of 17, I competed in and won the Mid-South Fair Youth Talent Contest in 1955. This was an amazing break - I now had the opportunity to perform on the Ted Mack Show! This also opened the door to additional opportunities as the past winners were invited back to perform over the years, so this meant upcoming opportunities to work. 

ANITA WOOD | Anita Wood of Jackson, MS was the 1954 winner of the Mid-South Fair Youth Talent Contest (among many other accolades), I met Anita when I won the contest in 1955. Through the years we sang together at various events and dated on and off. Anita also dated Elvis - I have a picture she gave me which I treasure, it is signed "To the boy that I loved almost more than Elvis - One of the greatest cats ever born! And I mean it! Love ya madly, Anita".

1955, Mid South Talent Contest

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