The Life & Times of Billy Boren | Telling his story .. 

To all of those who knew & loved Billy Boren, we hope you enjoy this site. Our dad loved life, and he wanted his story told. He left notes on backs of pictures, queue cards, notepads... literally everywhere. He knew he had a great story to tell and that someday someone would piece this together - so here we go!


This site will be continuously evolving as dad's life was rich with experiences. This is not only the story of the "life and times of Billy Boren", but the story of a growing community and of a generation that leaves an amazing legacy.  

We are grateful that our dad was raised in a small town, and we are grateful for this community. 


Billy's Kids - Suzanne, Melinda, Bill, & Cliff 

Note 8/23 - We will continually update this site as we uncover additional artifacts that dad saved over the years. Creating this site has been a wonderful process and allowed us to take a walk through our dad's life. He would have loved this.

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