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Fairs & Events | Promotions & MC Work

BLUEGRASS FAIR, LEXINGTON, KY, 1972-xx  | While working the Mid-South Fair I met and became close friends with Jimmy Young, a first class fair promoter from Lexington, KY. Jimmy was helping in promotion of The Mid-South Fair in Memphis and also had his own fair that he managed in Lexington, KY "The Lions Club, Bluegrass Fair". Jimmy had made this fair into a major happening in his area. His fair had a great carnival and "Magic Midway" provided by Deggeller Amusement Company and free entertainment in the 200 seat grand stand - featuring major stars and other outstanding entertainment, such as Kenny Rogers, Dolly Pardon, circus and thrill acts, etc. Jimmy asked me to work his fair as Master of Ceremonies for all shows in front of the grand stand and to help him with advanced publicity three weeks prior to the fair opening date. He arranged for a local business to pay and sponsor me, McAlpine's Department Store in Lexington, KY. I worked this fair for many years and McAlpine's sponsored me every year.


When Jimmy retired, I was offered the fair manager job. At this point in my life, we had a successful family clothing business and I also continued to work part-time as a ringmaster for Eddie Zacchini, a manager out of Tampa, FL - so a full time fair manager job was not a career I was interested in.

DEGGELLER AMUSEMENT COMPANY, 1972 | I began promoting the Deggeller Amusement Co.'s "Magic Midway" in 1972 after working with Deggeler at the Bluegrass Fair, this began a long time relationship with the Deggeler Amusement Co. and family.

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